Jirio is JIRA and Slack integration app for Slack

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Jirio is JIRA and Slack integration app bot and webhook for Slack

Jirio bot integrates with Slack and JIRA as webhook and provides a seamless Slack and JIRA integration for creating, managing and viewing JIRA issues from Slack.

Jirio webhook adds several slash commands to Slack that allow your Slack team to create and manage, view and search, post comments and vote for the JIRA issues. If you ever wanted to have a seamless JIRA and Slack integration, then Jirio app is you obvious choice.

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How does it work?

Once installed, Jirio will become available as the /jirio command in your team’s Slack. Everyone in your team will be able to use Jirio once installed. Every Jirio command has specific syntax and reserved keywords that allow you to create and update issues, comment, search and vote for issues without leaving Slack.

For instance, for the command that starts with /jirio create story, followed by a story name, Jirio webhook will create a new story in JIRA.

Please see some of the usage examples below or refer to the Usage page for more details.

Create issue

slack jira create

Get issue information

jira slack info

Shorten commands with aliases

slack jira alias

Comment issue

jira slack integration comment

Search issues using JQL

slack jira find

Change issue status

jira slack transition

And more

You can vote for your issues, modify issues, set default issue fields and more.

What do our customers think about Jirio

We use a lot Slack in our company, it’s our main communication network. Jirio helps us to be more productive by creating quickly new tickets from Slack to Jira and searching JIRA tickets from Slack.


Jirio helps us convert Slack brainstorming sessions into actionable tickets without losing conversational context. It also helps is run really efficient standups with the /jirio standup command!

Teachers Pay Teachers

When I’m having a conversation with my remote developer and requirement arises, I can efficiently record it and we can both see it in the discussion

Buzzware Solutions

When we creating a task through Jirio all the team members can see what is created and it’s really strait-forward to just copypaste a piece of discussion and create a task with summary based on it, without switching to browser or any other software.


our team can open tasks right from slack (where they spent more of the time anyway..) instead to go into jira


How to install

Click on the Add to Slack button in the header of this page and choose a team you would like to connect Jirio with. You will then be offered to complete JIRA configuration by providing JIRA URL internet address, your project information and other settings. Please refer to the Installation page for more details.

What JIRA versions work with Jirio

Jirio works with publicly visible JIRA instances (JIRA Cloud/OnDemand) and your own self-hosted installations that are accessible from the Internet. For private instances running behind VPN, please contact us at jirio@sappadev.com in order to get the IP you need to whitelist in your side.

Jirio works well with JIRA 7 and JIRA 6, but might also work with other JIRA versions.

Premium features

Jirio is free for basic usage that is suitable for most of the teams, but for more advanced usage it offers the Premium subscription that unlocks many additional features and is meant to increase productivity by up to 5x times. For features and pricing information please read more here.